The Gender Centre – Introduction to Training Program

An animation produced in collaboration with The Gender Centre with the purpose of being used to preface their hospital and GP training modules. The video is based on real life case studies, giving an authentic insight into the mistreatment of gender-diverse communities when entering hospital settings.

If you identify as transgender or non-binary and are in need of support, or you would like to donate to help support the organisation, please visit for more information.

Animation: Lizzie Smith
Pre-production and concept art: Marcella Cheng, Lizzie Smith
Concept Development: Lizzie Smith, Marcella Cheng, Ben Raffo, Helena Tome, Emma Yang

Music composted by Tiernan Cross (

Special thanks to Kate, Jason and Kendra for offering their time to record the voiceovers for the piece. Thanks also goes to Nigel Malcolm to helping actually record them (well).